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A coach and Small Steps program participant in the gym.


type 2 diabetes PREVENTION PROGRAM 


We’ve partnered with the YMCA in Canada and Australia to deliver an accessible, evidence-based program that supports lasting exercise and dietary change.



You can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by making changes to your diet and activity levels. Take a look at our resources to find out more about the science behind prediabetes.



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Senior Man

I am so thankful to have been selected to participate in the Small Steps for Big Changes program. Over the year I participated, my A1C, cholesterol, and BMI have returned to normal. They helped me create a healthy lifestyle within the context of my busy life. I never felt deprived! I am looking forward to a long, healthy and active retirement.

Healthy eating

It helped talking out the obstacles that I perceive to have regarding exercise and proper eating. I took away the idea that it is counterproductive for me to be too perfectionistic. That I can have setbacks, and still pick up the next workout, or make efforts towards healthy eating.

Physical Therapy Session

 In the first 4 months of the program, I lost 22 pounds and feel fantastic. I continue to use the knowledge I gained to make informed and smart decisions regarding my health. I would recommend the Small Steps for Big Changes program to anyone who wishes to take a hold of their well-being without the use of drugs.

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